Get Ready for Brand-New Beetles and Boots in the Gem Store!

Get Ready for Brand-New Beetles and Boots in the Gem Store!

Spineshell Roller Beetle Skin

Race through the desert dunes as the sunset descends on the horizon—beauty and nature collide. This sturdy beetle is native to the Dzalana Expanse and embodies their incredible strength. The Spineshell Roller Beetle Skin is available for 1,600 gems.

Raven Greaves Skin

The Spirits of the Wild beckon you with a melody forged in riddles; follow its beautiful wisdom with these greaves crafted in honor of the Raven spirit. Gear up and match your new boots with the Raven Helm Skin, Raven Mantle Skin, and Raven Gloves Skin. This reverent skin is available for 500 gems.

What’s in Stock

In need of a relaxing day? Starting May 3 and continuing for the next few days, select chairs will be 20% off, including the Comfy Cat Chair, Mystic Lotus Chair, Throne of Shadows, Teatime Chair, and many more! Kick back and enjoy a snoozy afternoon.

Returning This Week

Shared Inventory Slots have an amazing 20% discount starting today until May 7. Jump between all of your characters and keep access to your most indispensable items!

Available Now in the Gem Store!

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Super Adventure Festival 2024 Begins Today

Super Adventure Festival 2024 Begins Today

Moto is back in Rata Sum, and so is the Super Adventure Festival! Jump into a virtual world, earn baubles, and exchange them for all sorts of retro-themed rewards. This yearly festival is now live and will be available until May 7. You can check out all the details in the full release notes on our official forums.

Super Adventure Festival is accessible to players of any level. Even if you’re brand new to the game, you can easily take part in all this festival has to offer! Read on for a quick rundown of the activities you can participate in during this festival and the rewards you can earn.

Where to Go

The Super Adventure Festival is located in Rata Sum. Check your in-game mail for an Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival and double-click the item to teleport instantly to the Super Adventure Box Hub. You can also travel to the Magustan Court Waypoint, which is conveniently located right next to the Super Adventure Box in Creator’s Commons.

What to Do

When you enter the Super Adventure Box, you will have a different skill set. The new skill bar will help you navigate this different game mode. While you’re inside the box, you won’t take damage from falling, and you can’t use gliders or mounts. But you’ll find that you’re much bouncier than you usually are!

There are two complete worlds you can trek through, and two extra gameplay modes that can modify your adventure: Exploration Mode and Tribulation Mode. If you prefer a laid-back adventure, you can enable Exploration Mode, which will give you some assistance traversing jumping puzzles. If you’re yearning for a punishing challenge, activate Tribulation Mode…at your peril.

The journey begins in World 1. You are sent on a heroic path to save Princess Miya. Your starting weapon is a stick, but you’ll be able to buy other combat options and tools from friendly shopkeepers found in the worlds you’re exploring. Make sure to keep an eye out for little wooden doors!

When you obtain new weapons from merchants inside the Super Adventure Box, they’ll give you new ways to destroy enemies and objects. You can even use bombs to find hidden rooms packed with baubles.

Bounce your way into a sunny glade, and don’t forget to fell every enemy on your way! You’ll need all the baubles you can get your hands on. Every time you get hit by an enemy you will lose a portion of your hearts, so be sure to dodge. When your hearts are empty, you’ll lose one of your lives. As long as you have lives left, you’ll revive at the last checkpoint you reached.

If by chance you have no lives left, worry not; simply purchase a Continue Coin from Moto. Just don’t mind the lava.


Trade 250 baubles to the Super Adventure Box Trader located next to Moto to obtain the festival currency, bauble bubbles! Weapons, armor, utility items, minis, and many more things are available in exchange for bauble bubbles; talk to the trader NPCs just outside the Super Adventure Box or in the Hub.

There are a plethora of new rewards to earn this year. Add a scepter, pistol, sword, and spear to your collection of Retro-Forged weapons, and complete an achievement in the Test Zone to acquire a Mini Green Ooze. Craft new guild hall items to create your own Super Adventure world for your guildmates to enjoy!

Complete the (Annual) Super Adventure Box Nostalgia achievement to earn Golem-Buster weapon skins and the Powered Shoulders, which fit nicely with last year’s Powered Gloves. You can find them in the Achievement tab of the Hero panel under Festivals.

Test Zone

The Test Zone* has undergone some improvements, and Moto is once again inviting players to explore the new area he’s been working on! This year, the Test Zone has been expanded, adding new shops, secrets, and achievements for players to uncover. Gourdon the Racing Choya has a new Adventure in the Test Zone as well, and players can unlock a new Magic Bow tool! To visit the Test Zone, pick up the note on the door of the World 3 House in the Hub and follow the instructions. Have fun!

*The Test Zone is presented as is and should not be viewed as World 3 confirmed, either express or implied. Moto, Lord Vanquish, and other residents of the Super Adventure Box will not be held liable for injuries sustained in the Super Adventure Box. Baubles not intended for human (or charr, asura, norn, or sylvari) consumption. Read More

Scads of New Items Arrive in Today’s Massive Gem Store Update!

Scads of New Items Arrive in Today’s Massive Gem Store Update!

Abyss Hunter Appearance Package

A whisper follows your every step—you are a hunter driven by the call of the endless abyss. Stride into the unknown, shrouded in mystery and caressed by the glow of your outfit. Its hue will illuminate your way as you descend…

The Abyss Hunter Appearance Package contains the Abyss Hunter Outfit, Abyss Hunter Cape Backpack and Glider Combo, a Gold Essence Weapon Choice, and five Monstrous Dye Kits, all for 1,800 gems. The Abyss Hunter Outfit and Abyss Hunter Cape Backpack and Glider Combo can be bought separately for 700 gems each.

Cosmetic Inspection Celebration

As we discussed in yesterday’s blog, the cosmetic inspection feature is now live, allowing players to examine the stylish wardrobes of other players to get new ideas for their own fashion. To celebrate this new feature, players can claim five free transmutation charges in the Gem Store, and all dye kits are discounted by 20% until April 23.

Black Lion Chest Update: Hidden Powers

Inside each chest, you’re guaranteed to find a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, a Black Lion Claim Ticket Scrap, and two common items. You also have a chance to find something rarer in the fifth slot, including special items, glyphs, and skins from the Eternal Forged Weapon Collection and the Bright Inquisitor Weapon Collection.

Exclusive Item: “/Unleash” Emote Tome

Unlock a new way to express your fighting spirit with the first Black Lion Chest-exclusive emote tome. Dormant inside the deepest part of your soul, a power unlike any other lingers…the courage to beat all odds! Unleash your bravery with a bang!

What’s in Stock

Adorn your back with our beautiful capes or fancy wings, and make sure to dazzle everyone with your impeccable sense of style! Starting April 19 and continuing for the next few days, select back slot items will be 20% off, including Jora’s Cape, Celestial Ministry Cape, Forest Archer Pack, Butterfly Wings Backpack Set, and many more!

Returning This Week

Material Storage Expanders, Recharging Teleport to Friend, Black Lion contract boards, and Black Lion Garden Plot Deeds are 20% off starting today until April 23, and Super Adventure Box items are back with a 20% discount until May 7! Don’t miss out!

Available Now in the Gem Store!

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Introducing Our Latest Quality-of-Life Feature: Cosmetic Inspection

Introducing Our Latest Quality-of-Life Feature: Cosmetic Inspection

Hello, Tyrians,

As we all know, fashion is the real endgame in Guild Wars 2®—and we have an update coming on April 16 that should help level the playing field for new and aspiring fashionistas.

After countless requests and much anticipation, the stage is finally set for a revolution in Tyria’s fashion scene with the introduction of cosmetic inspection! In tomorrow’s release you’ll find a new option titled “Inspect Cosmetics” in the context menu (accessed by right-clicking on another player’s portrait). Selecting this option will pop open a new panel that allows you to view that player’s equipped outfit, weapon, and armor cosmetic appearances and their associated dye choices.

This dialog can also be opened by entering the “/inspect” chat command with another player targeted. You’ll notice that some items have been updated with text that outlines how that item can be obtained, and we’ll be adding even more source descriptions in coming releases.

It’s important to note that this is a cosmetics-focused feature. Inspection does not give players information about the rarity or attribute selection of any item, nor does it provide details about equipped infusions, runes, or sigils. Additionally, to preserve competitive integrity in the PvP and WvW game modes, cosmetic inspection cannot be used to determine what weapons enemy players have equipped.

Life Gets Better

The cosmetic inspection feature is the latest quality-of-life improvement from the Guild Wars 2 Live Team. Their mandate over the past few years has been to address player problems and introduce improvements to areas of the game, such as the new-player experience, crafting, and group encounters. Here are some of their accomplishments in service of that goal:

The Legendary Armory
The Wizard’s Vault
Reintroduction of Living World Season 1
New and refreshed Bonus Week events
Allied player visual-effect toggle
Granular postprocessing options
Character selection-screen background customization
Progress bars for meta-achievements
Guild hall game-mode options
Filtering options in the Trading Post for skins you have unlocked
Recent rework of gobbler items

Sometimes our work on this front is less obvious or impacts the community in a roundabout way—like the work we’re doing to improve our development pipeline and tools and the work we’re doing to improve the technology that underlies Guild Wars 2, such as our engine.

Our commitment to not just maintaining but enhancing Guild Wars 2 is rooted in our belief that for a game to remain vibrant and engaging, it must evolve. The shift to DirectX11 was a milestone that marked just the beginning of our journey toward technological enhancement. This move was not simply about keeping up with the times; it was a declaration of our dedication to providing our players with an experience that continuously improves.

Thanks to DX11, we’ve been able to increase the number of armature bones and lighting objects for new models and environments, build full 360-degree skyboxes, and begin using vertex animation (or point-level animation). One of the engine improvements we’re working on right now is an upgrade to BC7 texture compression, a significant jump over the technology that we’ve been leveraging since the launch of the game. This will improve the clarity and fidelity of in-development and future textures, most notably for weapons, visual effects, environments, and creatures. In the longer term, we’ll be evaluating the feasibility of upgrading existing, already-shipped textures to BC7 compression, but there are some technical hurdles for us to overcome before we commit.

These enhancements not only pave the way for better visuals and smoother gameplay but also ensure that Guild Wars 2 remains a competitive, dynamic world that evolves with its community. We’ll have more developments to share on this front as the team continues their work.

Here’s a sneak peek at a new location from the fifth Guild Wars 2 expansion—shipping later this year:

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you in the game.

—Josh Davis, Game Director Read More

Succumb to Your Midnight Urges with the Devil-Rending Dagger Skin

Succumb to Your Midnight Urges with the Devil-Rending Dagger Skin

Devil-Rending Dagger Skin

As the moon rises high above Divinity’s Reach, the streets carry a familiar scent—blood and fear. This dagger is enchanted with sanguine magic, allowing its wielder to easily stalk their prey. The Devil-Rending Dagger is the ideal deadly companion to the Devil-Rending Axe Skin, Devil-Rending Greataxe Hammer Skin, and Devil-Rending Cape. This harrowing skin is available now for 600 gems.

What’s in Stock

Starting April 12 and continuing for the next few days, select gathering tools will be 20% off, including the Thunderstrike Harvesting Tool, Earthshaker Mining Tool, Firestorm Logging Tool, and many more! Gather all that you need fashionably.

Returning This Week

Salvage everything you want or add new templates to your account with these incredible discounts: until April 16, the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, Runecrafter’s Salvage-o-Matic, and Equipment Template Expansions are 20% off, and Build Template Expansions are 40% off.

Available Now in the Gem Store!

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