World vs. World: January 31 Update Preview

Hi, World vs. World community, I’m Cecil Armstrong, WvW Team Lead and Producer, and I’m joined by Senior Game Designer Floyd Grubb. We’re here today to share a preview of some WvW changes coming in the January 31 update and the months following it. Before we dig in,...

Gem Store Update: Soul River Hound Hammer Skin and Elegant Silk Scarf Skin

Soul River Hound Hammer Skin The River of Souls drains the life essence of all living beings who set foot in its stream, and the same applies to people who get smacked in the face with this hammer. Not that it really needed the enchantment to do that, mind you… This...

Gem Store Update: Floating Lantern Skiff and Magmatic Torch Skins

Floating Lantern Skiff Skin Celebrate in style with a skiff perfect for the Lunar New Year! This item will permanently unlock a new appearance for your skiff in your account wardrobe. Magmatic Torch Skin Feel your veins overflow with magmatic power. And watch your...

Gem Store Update: Imperial Crane Raptor Skin and Lunar Rabbit Helm and Stompers Package

Imperial Crane Raptor Skin I once heard a scholar propose the idea that Canthan moas and Elonian raptors share a common ancestor. Ridiculous! But then again, the way that crane roars… Hmm… This item will permanently add a new appearance option for your raptor to your...

Lunar New Year 2023 Is Live

The annual Lunar New Year festival is in full swing in Divinity’s Reach! Tyrians are celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit with fireworks, games, delicious Canthan food, and prizes. This yearly festival is now live and will be available until January 31....

Guild Wars 2 Minimum System Requirements Update

Hello, all, As many of you know, we have been working on implementing and improving support for DirectX 11 in Guild Wars 2. Completing this upgrade will allow us to utilize more modern rendering features, improving both the graphical fidelity and performance of Guild...

Gem Store Update: Tranquil Moon Chair

Tranquil Moon Chair Playing among the stars is easy when you’ve got your own portable star field. Lounge in style with this snazzy moon-shaped chair! This item will unlock a new chair in your account wardrobe. Chairs can be found under the Novelties menu in your Hero...

Lunar New Year 2023 Is Next Week!

The annual Lunar New Year festival begins next week! Tyrians are celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit with fireworks, games, delicious Canthan food, and prizes. The Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach will be lit up with traditional Canthan decorations...

Guild Wars 2 Winter Sales Are Here!

Celebrate the Wintersday spirit and treat your friends and family—or yourself—to the gift of Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 Expansion Sales The following discounted items are available from now until January 5 on the official Guild Wars 2 website and participating...

Studio Update: Happy Wintersday from the Guild Wars 2 Team

Before we head out for our annual holiday break and bid farewell to 2022, we want to take a few moments to celebrate the past year and extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our players, for making it all possible. 2022 was a fantastic year for Guild Wars 2, and it...

Wintersday 2022 Is Live!

Happy Wintersday, Tyria! Our yearly holiday festival is now live and available until January 3, 2023. You can check out all the details in the full release notes on our official forums. Read on for a quick rundown of the activities you can take part in during this...

Prepare your raid teams and join the Ready Check Cup

We are excited to support the Ready Check Cup, a raid tournament organized by Hardstuck and members of our Partner Program to raise funds for the Cure Rare Disease charity. Save the date! The tournament will begin on Saturday, December 17 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time...

The Guild Wars 2 Art Show: End of December

The festive season is upon us. Curl up with new Guild Wars 2 Art Shows during this magical time of year! Our ArenaNet Creative Partners will show their latest Guild Wars 2-inspired work, discuss art techniques, and hang out in chat. Let’s celebrate art together!...

Wintersday 2022 Begins Next Week!

Our annual Wintersday festival arrives next Tuesday, December 13! Wintersday only comes once a year—don’t miss out on our limited-time holiday content! For three weeks, you can access the Secret Lair of the Snowmen strike mission, the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle,...

The Guild Wars 2 Art Show: December 7

Don’t miss the next episode of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show livestream, where our ArenaNet Creative Partners show their latest Guild Wars 2-inspired work, discuss art techniques, and hang out in chat. Let’s celebrate art together! The Guild Wars 2 Art Show Wednesday,...

Guild Wars 2 Black Friday Sales and Bonus XP Event Start Today!

We’re starting our Black Friday sales early this year! For the next week, we’ll be offering major discounts on Guild Wars 2 expansions. You’ll have until next Tuesday, November 29 to take advantage of these sales. We’ll also be offering daily sales on popular in-game...

Gem Store Update: Imperial Wonders Mounts and Comfy Cat Chair

Imperial Wonders Mount Skins These new mount skins are available exclusively through the Imperial Wonders Mount Select License and the Imperial Wonders Mount Adoption License. The Mount Select License will allow you to pick whichever mount skin you’d prefer from the...

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