Etherbound Chestplate and Etherbound Legguard

Feel the static burst of pure energy at the core of your soul with these ether-blessed armor pieces. The Etherbound Pauldrons, Etherbound Greaves, and Etherbound Gauntlets are also back in stock this week at 20% off.

Meandering Tortoise Chair

While it can’t carry you into battle like a siege turtle, this sweet-tempered tortoise’s durable shell is the perfect place to rest.

Black Lion Special Mount Selection

It’s time to get festive with Guild Wars ‘s 10th Anniversary—log in today and choose a free mount skin to celebrate ten years of friendship with new and old friends alike!

What’s in Stock

We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of finishers this week.

Returning Today
10% Off—Black Lion Held Toy Voucher and Black Lion Outfit Voucher

Later This Week
Anniversary Giveaway—Black Lion Claim Ticket

Available Now in the Gem Store!

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