Living World Season 1 Return: “Battle for Lion’s Arch” Arrives Next Week

Living World Season 1 Return: “Battle for Lion’s Arch” Arrives Next Week

Next Tuesday, November 8, the final episode of Living World Season 1 returns permanently to Guild Wars 2. This is the final chapter of Season 1, completing the saga of the battle against Scarlet Briar. This content is a permanent addition to Guild Wars 2 and is free for all players.

Strike Mission: Old Lion’s Court

This update brings with it a new Strike Mission: Old Lion’s Court. Assemble a squad and take on the Watchknight Triumvirate in the ruins of the Grand Piazza in Old Lion’s Arch. You may enter this content from the Scrying Stone in Lion’s Arch or the Strike Mission Portal in Arborstone.

Public Instance: The Battle for Lion’s Arch

We are also adding the Battle for Lion’s Arch itself as a repeatable instanced group encounter. Enter a publicly joinable instance with up to 50 players or create a private squad to take down Scarlet’s minions and repel her invasion of Lion’s Arch.

Story progress is not required to enter this instance—speak to Lionguard Peltgnaw just outside the gates of Lion’s Arch in Gendarran Fields to enter. The Battle for Lion’s Arch and the Tower of Nightmares will also be added to the regular rotation of promoted events in the Eye of the North, joining Dragonstorm and the Twisted Marionette.

More information about this content, including full release notes, will be available on November 8. Keep an eye on the news feed in the Guild Wars 2 launcher and on our official forums. Read More

Hone Your Skills with the Sunday Class Livestream

Hone Your Skills with the Sunday Class Livestream

Some of the most skilled artists in the Guild Wars 2 community are sharing their in-progress artwork on the weekly Guild Wars 2 Art Show—and on the monthly Sunday Class livestream, the hosts provide tips and tricks to help you take your own art to the next level.

This month’s Sunday Class begins at 0:00 PDT (UTC-7) / 8:00 CET (UTC+1) on October 30. It should be noted that on Oct 30, European Daylight Saving Time ends, and clocks will be set 1 hour back, returning to standard time (CET).

This stream will run for approximately ten hours, with our five presenters each having a two-hour timeslot within which they’ll go over their processes and techniques for creating their artwork.

This Month’s Presenters


0:00 PDT (UTC-7) / 8:00 CET (UTC+1)
Gears2Gnomes returns with a yearly Halloween piece! Learn more about how to create a spooky atmosphere in your works.


2:00 PDT (UTC-7) / 10:00 CET (UTC+1)
Kasimova will be going over illustration from start to finish: ideation, process, colors, and composition.


4:00 PDT (UTC-7) / 12:00 CET (UTC+1)
KoboldArt will explain the comic creation process with a Halloween-themed strip.

Dies Vitae

6:00 PDT (UTC-7) / 14:00 CET (UTC+1)
Dies Vitae will be building an illustration from the start, showing how to use composition, colors, and a few useful tricks to tell a story.

Aun Hana

8:00 PDT (UTC-7) / 16:00 CET (UTC+1)
Aun Hana will be ending our day with a lighthearted showcase of technique and how to bring line drawings to life with color.

You can check out archived recordings of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show and previous Sunday Class livestreams on our official Twitch channel. Read More

Extra Life 2022 Is Next Week

Extra Life 2022 Is Next Week

Team ArenaNet’s Extra Life Game Day is next week on November 4. We’re overwhelmed by your generosity and community spirit; with our community’s power we’ve already raised over $3,300 USD this year to support Children’s Miracle Network hospitals! Our ultimate goal is to bring our lifetime total funds raised to $625,000 USD, and we need your help to do it.

Your donations will help children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada care for ill and critically injured children whose families need support. To donate to Extra Life now, visit the Team ArenaNet page. If you’d like to help us reach our goal by streaming any game or telling your friends and family about Extra Life, choose to join Team ArenaNet when you sign up! If you want to form your own team, you can select “Create a sub team” when you sign up to join the ArenaNet Super Team.

The funds you raise as a member of Team ArenaNet will contribute to our overall donation total. As in previous years, if we reach the $25,000 USD donation goal, we’ll match it to bring the total donation to $50,000!

Extra Life Game Day Livestream

On Game Day, members of Team ArenaNet participate in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise funds, have fun, and hang out with the community. The stream begins on Friday, November 4 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) and ends on Saturday, November 5 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7).

During the livestream, Team ArenaNet will play Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, give some behind-the-scenes looks at game development, and more—including the traditional yearly head shaving. (It isn’t an ArenaNet Extra Life event if we make it through with unscathed heads.) Join them in game or watch the stream on our official Twitch channel. We’ll see you there!

Donation Strike Mission: Kids Can’t Wait

Log in to Guild Wars 2 between October 25 and November 15 to receive the title “The Extra Life” if you didn’t unlock it in previous years.

A special enhancement effect is available in game from now until November 16:

+5% Magic Find
+5% EXP from All Sources
+3% WvW Reward Track Progress
+3% PvP Reward Track Progress

The effect will gain another stack for every $10,000 USD we raise. To activate new stacks of the enhancement effect and view hourly donation total updates, just visit the city of Lion’s Arch after you log in to Guild Wars 2.

2022 Extra Life Donation Bundle

Starting today, Evon and the Black Lion Trading Company are also offering special donation items to help us reach our goal. This year’s bundle contains the dyeable Guardian Angel Cape, five Extra Life Karma Boosters, and five Temporary Selfless Potions.

Extra Life donation items will be available until November 8, and purchasing any of them will grant you a special version of the in-game title “The Extra Life” in stylish blue text. We’ll donate all proceeds to Extra Life.

2021 Extra Life Donation Bundle

If you missed the previous donation bundle, it’s back in the Gem Store for a limited time. We’ll be retiring this bundle after this year, so drop by and pick it up before November 8!

Thank You!

Our annual Extra Life Game Day is a success because the Guild Wars 2 community is full of real-life heroes. Let’s break our fundraising record again this year! Read More

Terrorize the Oceans with the Mad King Fishing Rod

Terrorize the Oceans with the Mad King Fishing Rod

Mad King Fishing Rod Skin

Pah! A king need not tarnish his glory by engaging in such frivolities… And yet…what is this…? I can feel the fishing power flowing through me…!?

2022 Extra Life Donation Bundle

Help us embrace a brighter future for all children with this lovely array of items. This bundle includes a Guardian Angel Cape skin, 5 Extra Life Karma Boosters, and 5 Temporary Selfless Potions.

The 2021 Extra Life Donation Bundle Is Back!

If you fancy a cute cat, the 2021 Extra Life Donation Bundle is for you. It contains a Mini Circle of Love Lady Wisteria, 5 Extra Life Karma Boosters, and 5 Temporary Selfless Potions.

All proceeds from donation bundle sales are donated to Extra Life. Read more about our Extra Life activities this year here. Purchasing either of these bundles will unlock a special in-game title, The Extra Life, with a unique blue text color.


For the next two weeks, we’re offering a 20% discount on the following items!

Storage Expanders

Need somewhere to store all that candy corn? Pick up a Storage Expander to increase the size of your material storage by 250 slots. Available now for just 640 gems.

Recharging Teleport to Friend

Instantly teleport to anyone in your party or squad with this infinite-use device. Just mind the 1-hour cooldown. Available now for just 640 gems.

Returning This Week

Starting this Friday, look for the following items to be added to the Gem Store at a 20% discount:

Bone Dragon Staff Skin
Caithe’s Bloom Dagger
Caithe’s Crystal Bloom Sword
Emissary’s Staff
Hammer of the Three Realms Skin
Lightbinder Blade Sword Skin
Mist Stranger Axe Skin
Mist Stranger Shield Skin
Queensdale Academy Wand Set
Spellfire Torch Skin
Stoneshard Scepter Skin
Storm Bow
Tiger Insignia Axe Skin
Trained Choya Hammer Skin
Venom Warblade Read More