The Guild Wars 2 Art Show: July 20

The Guild Wars 2 Art Show: July 20

Don’t miss the next episode of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show livestream, where our ArenaNet Creative Partners show their latest Guild Wars 2-inspired work, discuss art techniques, and hang out in chat. Let’s celebrate art together!

The Guild Wars 2 Art Show

Wednesday, July 20 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
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Living World Return: Clockwork Chaos Is Live

The third episode of Living World Season 1 is now playable for free in your story journal!

The queen is preparing to address her subjects and visiting dignitaries from other cities—but someone else has plans for the queen’s speech! The nefarious villain Scarlet Briar has made herself known to Tyria, and chaos ensues as she unleashes her clockwork minions across the world.

Living World Season 1 content is back in Guild Wars 2 for the first time since 2013, along with new and returning rewards and achievements. All Living World Season 1 episodes are free, permanent additions to the base game and available to all players.

The release also includes updated world boss mechanics for Svanir Shaman, Fire Elemental, Shadow Behemoth, and Jungle Wurm, as well as mistlock instability balance changes and more.

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Be Soft with the Tropical Feathered Cape and Cuddly Cat Jade Bot Skin

Be Soft with the Tropical Feathered Cape and Cuddly Cat Jade Bot Skin

Tropical Feathered Cape

Become as graceful as a flock of birds with the Tropical Feathered Cape. These vibrant and fluffy feathers will let your true colors shine through!

Cuddly Cat Jade Bot Skin

Dreams come wrapped in rainbows with a new squishable, adorable jade bot skin! Use this item to unlock a new appearance option for your jade bot. To change your jade bot’s look, select it in the Hero panel and choose a skin.

What’s in Stock

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